Stoyanova & al. 2020. Amino acids and carotenoids profile of edible mushrooms …

PDFStoyanova M., Lacheva M., Valchev N., Radoukova T. 2020.
Amino acids and carotenoids profile of edible mushrooms (Marasmius oreades and Cantharellus aurora).
Oxidation Communications 43(4): 688–698.

Mushrooms are important food resources valued for its high quality protein content, health promoting properties and potential to enhance food palatability. There is not enough or lack of information in the literature particularly on the amino acid composition of mushrooms in the study area. The aim of this study was to investigatе the carotenoid and amino acid content of two mushroom species (Marasmius oreades
and Cantharellus aurora). The study revealed found out seventeen amino acids, lycopene and β-carotene by high performance liquid cromatography with reversed-phase
and DAD (Diode Array Detector). The highest quantities of essential amino acids in Marasmius oreades specie were leucine (6.76 ± 0.12 g 100 g–1 protein) and isoleucine (4.47 ± 0.25 g 100 g–1 protein) followed by lysine, phenylalanine, valine, threonine, methionine, tyrosine and cysteine. The most abundant essential amino acid in Cantharellus aurora was leucine (4.12 ± 0.34 g 100 g–1) followed by phenylalanine +
tyrosine (5.23 ± 0.24 g 100 g–1) and isoleucine (3.36 ± 0.23 g 100 g–1).

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