Stoichev & Gyosheva. 2005. New and rare macromycetous taxa to Bulgaria

Stoichev, G. & Gyosheva. 2005.
New and rare macromycetous taxa to Bulgaria.
Proceedings of the Balkan scientific conference of Biology in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) from 19th till 21st of May 2005 (eds. B. Gruev, M. Nikolova and A. Donev), 2005 (p. 298-304)

Abstract: Chorological data on thirty six macromycetous taxa are reported. Twenty one taxa (20 species and 1 form) are new to Bulgaria. Fifteen species are rare for the country. Six species are of high conservation value included in the Red List of endangered macromycetes in Bulgaria. The predominant part of macromycetes belongs to the class Basidiomycetes (36 taxa), one species belongs to the class Ascomycetes.

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