Stoyanov 2009. Chorology and critical notes on genus Orobanche

Stoyanov, K. 2009.
Chorology and critical notes on genus Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) in Bulgaria.
In: Ivanova, D. (ed.), Plant, fungal and habitat diversity investigation and conservation. Proceedings of IV Balkan Botanical Congress, Sofia, 20–26 June 2006. Pp. 245–254. Institute of Botany, Sofia. ISBN 978-954-9746-14-3.

Abstract: New collected material of genus Orobanche sect. Orobanche subsect. Glandulosae (G.Beck) Teryokhin and both specimens existing in Bulgarian herbaria and data published before are revised and used for creation of maps. The chorological data about the known species and intraspecific taxa are reconsidered. The known host plants are discussed comparing both herbar data and literature reviewed. On the basis of the specified data is compiled an identification key of the species and intraspecific taxa.

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