Stoyanov 2009. Status of the electronic documentation system in herbarium SOA

Stoyanov, K. 2009.
Status of the electronic documentation system in the Herbarium of Agricultural university – Plovdiv (SOA)
In: Ivanova, D. (ed.), Plant, fungal and habitat diversity investigation and conservation. Proceedings of IV Balkan Botanical Congress, Sofia, 20–26 June 2006. Pp. 701–709. Institute of Botany, Sofia. ISBN 978-954-9746-14-3.

Abstract: SOA herbarium contains more than 100000 herbar sheets. Analyzing the existing systems and standards, an electronic herbarium documentation system is created. The used software is described and the capacities of the documentation system are demonstrated. The structure of the database is presented and described according to the data blocks and management levels. On the basis of the stored information in the data management system is presented the count of types and total count of records divided by various criteria.

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