Raycheva Tz. 2009. Natural hybrids of subgenus Rumex in Bulgaria

Raycheva, Tz. 2009.
Natural hybrids of subgenus Rumex (Rumex, Polygonaceae) in Bulgaria
In: Ivanova, D. (ed.), Plant, fungal and habitat diversity investigation and conservation. Proceedings of IV Balkan Botanical Congress, Sofia, 20–26 June 2006. Pp. 239-244. Institute of Botany, Sofia. ISBN 978-954-9746-14-3.

Abstract: On the basis of the available literature, herbar specimens and personal accessions, the information about the distribution of the known in the country natural hybrids as follow R. obtusifolius x R. patientis, R. palustris x R. stenophyllus, R. conglomeratus x R. sanguineus and R. crispus x R. patientia is actualised. The study confirms the distribution of R. crispus x R. obtusifolius in Bulgaria. Natural hybrids between R. conglomeratus x R. crispus, R. confertus x R. obtusifolius, R. crispus x R. obtusifolius, R. palustris x R. obtusifolius and R. patientia x R. pulcher are established for first time and given some habitats of them. Revision of the materials deposed in the Bulgarian herbaria is done. New specimen collections of the natural hybrids of subgenus Rumex as well as existing specimens in Bulgarian herbariums and published data have been revised and used for the creation of maps.

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