Raycheva, 2007. Rumex pulcher in bulgarian flora

Raycheva, Tz., Temsch, E. & Dimitrova, D. 2007.
Rumex pulcher s.l. in Bulgarian flora – distribution, morpholgy and karyology
Phytologia balcanica, 13(3): 321-330, Sofia

Abstract: Rumex pulcher is a polymorphic species distributed in Europe with four subspecies. According to the taxonomic literature three of the subspecies occur in Bulgaria. The type subspecies pulcher is widely distributed in the country, while Rumex pulcher subsp. raulinii and woodsii are registered in its more southern parts with Mediterranean climatic conditions. The distribution of the three taxa are mapped on UTM-grid map. We apply method of comparative morphology including scanning microscopy of the valves and fruits to identify the most informative morphological features of the three taxa. The karyology of R. pulcher s.l. has been studied by different authors from various geographic regions. Most of the counts, including the earlier ones from Bulgaria, show 2n=2x=20. Apart from classical karyology we apply flow cytometry and Feulgen densitometry to find support for the taxonomic decisions for the intraspecific variation in this species in the Bulgarian flora.

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