Raycheva & Dimitrova 2007. Critical reassessment of the distribution of some taxa of Rumex subg. Rumex.

PDF   PDF Raycheva Tz. & Dimitrova D. 2007.
Critical reassessment of the distribution of some taxa of Rumex subg. Rumex (Polygonaceae) in Bulgaria
Phytologia balcanica, 13(2) 141-152, Sofia.

Abstract: The chorology of Rumex hydrolapathum, R. dentatus, R. palustris, R. confertus, R. cristatus, R. conglomeratus, R. sanguineus and R. stenophyllus have been resassessed and updated. Thecollections in the Bulgarian herbaria have been revised. Rumex palustris, R. confertus, R. cristatus, R. conglomeratus and R. stenophyllus have been reported from new floristic regions in the country. The participation of R. dentatus in the Bulgarian flora has not been confirmed. The chorological studies confirm R. confertus for the Bulgarian flora. The established localities of the studied species are presented on UTM-grid maps. (2 tables, 8 maps)
Райчева Цв. & Димитрова Д. 2007.
Критична преоценка на разпространението на някои таксони от Rumex subg. Rumex (Polygonaceae) в България
Phytologia balcanica, 13(2) 141-152, Sofia.

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