Raycheva, Stoyanov & Denev. 2011. Genetic diversity and molecular taxonomy study of three genera from Iridaceae

Raycheva Tz., Stoyanov K., & Denev I. 2011.
Genetic diversity and molecular taxonomy study of three genera from Iridaceae family in the Bulgarian flora based on ISSR markers
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 25(3): 2484-2488.

Iridaceae is a family of perennial plants with almost worldwide distribution. The taxonomy of the family is based mainly on the morphology, anatomy, embryology and chromosome numbers. The systematics and phylogeny within the family is still subject of debates. This is mainly because most of the classification schemes and determination keys are based on morphological descriptions. These features are often unreliable for exact determination of the species with convergent morphology but inhabiting different ecological localities. In Bulgaria the family is represented by four genera. The genetic diversity and the relations between seven Bulgarian species from the Iridaceae family were examined by ISSR markers. The ISSR-PCR reactions were carried out with seven different ISSR primers and genomic DNA isolated from 13 samples. The distribution of polymorphic PCR products was analyzed by PAST software. The combined results of genetic variants were used to construct a consequent unrooted diagram.
The obtained results clearly defined the two subfamilies in Iridaceae family – Iridoideae and Crocoideae Burnett. The observed grouping of studied species did not coincide with the classification schemes based on morphology features, but was in agreement with the phylogenic studies. Our data confirmed the hypothesis for the polyphyletic origin of species from subgenus Limniris (Tausch) Spach – ser. Laevigatae (Diels) Lawrence and showed their genetic similarity to subgenus Iris ser. Iris. This work, to our best knowledge, is the first attempt to reassess by means of molecular markers the entire taxonomical scheme of the recent members of Iridaceae in Bulgaria.

the study was supported by the Scientific Research Center of Agricultural University – Plovdiv (grant 02-10) and the National Science fund of Bulgaria grants DТК 02/40 and BG051Po001-3.3.04/17., nAto grant clG 983884 and ЕRA 117.

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