Lacheva 2014. Agaricus pseudopratensis in Bulgarian mycota

PDFLacheva M., 2014.
Agaricus pseudopratensis (Agaricaceae) in the Bulgarian mycota: diversity, distribution, morphology and ecology
Int.J.Biosci. 4(8): 175-182
This paper summarizes the available data of Agaricus pseudopratensis
in Bulgaria. Review of the available previous records is made and new findings are reported. The article brings closer taxonomic profile, ecological requirements and distribution pattern of the both varieties of this species.
Detailed macro– and microscopic descriptions are given. Totally 17 localities of the taxa are currently known. An UTM-grid map is appended. An identification key for the taxa is given. The fungus appeared to be widespread, but not common. New additions are included, together with a critical review of data reported in literature for the Bulgarian territory.

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