Stoyanov & Raycheva 2022. Current state of Iris subg. Iris in Bulgaria

PDF Stoyanov K. & Raycheva T. 2022.   RG
Current State of Iris L., Subgenus Iris (Iridaceae) in Bulgaria
Ecologia Balkanica, 14(1): 31-46.
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Abstract. The distribution of genus Iris subgenus Iris was presented and notes of its taxonomy were given in the paper. Based on the critical processing of the collections in the national herbaria (SOM, SOA and SO), the literature sources, and our field observation we have produced distribution maps. New chorological data are reported for Iris reichenbachii, I. suaveolens, and I. ×germanica. Iris mellita, whose taxonomical status is under investigation, was reviewed as a synonym of I. suaveolens. The distribution of I. aphylla in Bulgaria was not confirmed until now, with the current collection for the Bulgarian flora.

Key words: chorology, herbarium collections, subgenus Iris, taxonomy

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