Delipavlov D. 1999. Genus Avena in the flora of Bulgaria

Delipavlov D. 1999.
Genus Avena L. (Oats) in the flora of Bulgaria
Thaiszia – J.Bot. Kosice, 9: 19-26. – ISSN 1210-0420

Abstract: The author studies genus Avena L. (Oats) in Bulgaria on live plants, herbarium material collected personally and on the basis of revision of samples kept in Bulgarian herbaria. New taxa (A. eriantha, A. sterillis L. subsp. sterillis and A. sterillis L. subsp. ludoviciana var. glabrescens) are determined for the flora of Bulgaria and new chorological data are given.

Keywords: Avena, Poaceae, flora of Bulgaria

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