Райчева & Денев. 2012. Молекулярно-таксономично изследване на Rumex sect. Acetosa в българската флора

Райчева Цв. & Денев И. 2012.
Молекулярно-таксономично изследване на секция Acetosa (род Rumex, sect. Acetosa (Polygonaceae) в българската флора
В: Петрова А. (ред.), Секционни доклади VII национална конференция по ботаника. София 29-30 септ. 2011, 311-319. Българско ботаническо дружество, София. ISBN 978-954-92808-2-1

Raycheva, Ts. & Denev, I. 2012.
Molecular taxonomic investigation of Rumex sect. Acetosa (Polygonaceae) in the Bulgarian flora
In: Petrova, A. (ed.), Proc. VII Natl. Conf. Bot., 29–30.09.2011, Sofia, pp. 311-319. Bulg. Bot. Soc., Sofia. ISBN 978-954-92808-2-1

Abstract: The genetic diversity and relationships between the four Bulgarian species from the genus Rumex L. subgen. Acetosa sect. Acetosa was assessed. Specimens collected from natural populations of R. acetosa, R. tuberosus, R. thyrsiflorus and R. arifolius have been examined. The determination keys for species of sect. Acetosa available in taxonomic literature are based on several vague morphological characteristics, which was the reason to believe that they are not sufficient and reliable enough to distinguish species in this section. The aim of the study was to test the applicability of ISSR molecular markers as a tool to assess genetic diversity and relationships among Bulgarian wild species of sect. Acetosa. For this purpose a total DNA was isolated from the collected samples and was used as a template for conducting ISSR-PCR reactions with seven different primers. The distribution of polymorphic ISSR products obtained from each primer was analyzed using the PAST software. The resulting matrix of Euclidean distances was used to construct consequent cladograme representing genetic differences between the studied species. The analysis of the distribution of polymorphic products displayed grouping in four clusters, corresponding to the assessed species. Despite the minimal morphological differences between the species studied, they showed discrete genetic differences and better differentiation on molecular level. The grouping corresponds to the ecological specialization of the studied taxa.

Изследването е финансирано по договори ИФС-Б 606, ДОО 2-15 и ДТК 02/40 (Фонд Научни изследвания, Министерство на образованието, младежта и науката на Република България).

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