Райчева 2020. Подрод Rumex в България

PDFРайчева Цв. 2020.
Подрод Rumex L. (Лапад) в България
Интел Ентранс, София. ISBN: 978-619-7554-33-5

Raycheva Ts. 2020
Subgenus Rumex (Rumex L., Polygonaceae Juss.) in Bulgaria
Intel Entrance, Sofia. ISBN: 978-619-7554-33-5

The subgenus Rumex comprises 10 sections, 14 species, 13 subspecies, 3 varieties and 12 naturals hybrids, belong to sect. Rumex. Sectio Axillares has a center of evolution in America and entirely lacks in Bulgaria. The specimens in SOA, SOM, SO, W, and WU have been revised. Two new taxa for Bulgaria have been found: R. pulcher L. subsp. anodontus (Hausskn.) Rech. f. and R. crispus L. subsp. robustus (Rech. f.) Pestova. Rumex dentatus L. and R. aquaticus L. have not been confirmed for the Bulgarian flora. Seven new hybrids for Bulgaria have been registered: R. conglomeratus × R. crispus, R. confertus × R. obtusifolius, R. cristatus × R. obtusifolius, R. palustris × R. obtusifolius and R. patientia × R. pulcher. Comparative-morphological, variation-statistics, kariological and molecular-taxononomical methods have been applied for taxonomical decision.
The evolutionary processes responsible for the biodiversity of genus Rumex, subg. Rumex in Bulgarian flora are interspecific hybridization, introgressive hybridization, allopolyploidy, ecologic plasticity, high competitive ability within synanthropic habitats.

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