Raycheva, Denev & Dimitrova. 2013. Taxonomic relationships of selected Bulgarian species from Rumex subg. Rumex based on ISSR markers

Raycheva Ts., Denev I. & Dimitrova D. 2013.
Taxonomic relationships of selected Bulgarian species from Rumex subg. Rumex (Polygonaceae) based on ISSR markers.
Phytologia balcanica, 19(1), 29-37

The high level of morphological similarities among the Bulgarian species of Rumex subg. Rumex makes their distinguishing difficult. ISSRs methods have proven that they ensure detection of intraspecific variation without any need of prior information about the existing sequences. Therefore, they were used in the present study.
Twelve accessions of R. patientia, R. cristatus, R. confertus, and R. alpinus were sampled in this study, with R. pulcher (five accessions) as a referent species. ISSR-PCR reactions of 10 primers were used for the distinction of the four studied species and the assessment of their genetic diversity. The ISSR markers exhibited significant polymorphism in the studied taxa. The genetic similarity among them served for the construction of a dendrogram. The combination of the results from the used primers classifies the studied species into two major groups: Group 1 with R. patinetia, R. cristatus and R. confertus is genetically similar and of similar ploidy level; Group 2 includes the diploid R. alpinus and the referent species R. pulcher.
The achieved high percentage of accuracy has shown how promising the application of this approach is for other Rumex species.

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