Tsvetanka Raycheva

Dr. Tsvetanka Georgieva Raycheva,
docent (associated professor)
Head Department
e-mail: raicheva@abv.bg
tel. (+359 32) 654332
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Born in 08.03.1970, Kaloyanovo, Plovdiv District, Bulgaria.

1999: MSc. Agricultural production, Higher Agricultural Institute, Plovdiv.

Since 06.07.2000 – assistant-professor in Department Botany, Agricultural University of Plovdiv. Since 06.2007 – senior assistant-professor.

24.06.2009 – PhD. thesis „Biosystematic study of subgenus Rumex (Rumex L., Polygonaceae Juss.) in Bulgaria„.

16.07.2013Docent (Associated professor)

lectures: anatomy and morphology of plants, plant systematics

lab excersises and terrain practical course: botany (short course), anatomy and morphology of plants, plant systematics

interests: Polygonaceae: genus Rumex.

other: Asparagaceae, Iridaceae, Pyrolaceae.

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