Hristova, Stoyanov, Gevezova & Denev 2011. Application of ISSR methods in studying Broomrape’s (Orobanchaceae) biodiversity in Bulgaria

PDF Hristova E., Stoyanov K., Gevezova M. & Denev I. 2011. Application of ISSR methods in studying Broomrape's (Orobanchaceae) biodiversity in Bulgaria Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 25(1): 2248-2253 Abstract: In Bulgaria the holoparasitic family of broomrapes (Orobanchaceae) is represented by 25 species from two genera. The local diversity of the broomrapes in Bulgaria is still […]


Gevezova & al. 2012. Recent advances in Broomrapes research

PDFGevezova M., Dekalska T., Stoyanov K., Hristeva Ts., Kostov K., Batchvarova R. and Denev I. 2012. Recent advances in Broomrapes research. J. Biosci. Biotech. 1(2): 91-105 Abstract: Orobanchaceae (broomrapes) is a morphologically diverse family of predominantly herbaceous, parasitic plants. The majority of species are facultative or obligate root parasites that subsist on broad-leaf plants, thereby […]

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