Hristova, Stoyanov, Gevezova & Denev 2011. Application of ISSR methods in studying Broomrape’s (Orobanchaceae) biodiversity in Bulgaria

PDF Hristova E., Stoyanov K., Gevezova M. & Denev I. 2011. Application of ISSR methods in studying Broomrape's (Orobanchaceae) biodiversity in Bulgaria Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 25(1): 2248-2253 Abstract: In Bulgaria the holoparasitic family of broomrapes (Orobanchaceae) is represented by 25 species from two genera. The local diversity of the broomrapes in Bulgaria is still […]


Gevezova & al. 2012. Recent advances in Broomrapes research

PDF Gevezova M., Dekalska T., Stoyanov K., Hristeva Ts., Kostov K., Batchvarova R. and Denev I. 2012. Recent advances in Broomrapes research. J. Biosci. Biotech. 1(2): 91-105 Abstract: Orobanchaceae (broomrapes) is a morphologically diverse family of predominantly herbaceous, parasitic plants. The majority of species are facultative or obligate root parasites that subsist on broad-leaf plants, […]

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