Raycheva & al. 2021. Vascular flora of railway junctions in the Upper Tracian Lowland (Bulgaria)

PDFRaycheva T.G., Stoyanov P.S., Todorov K.T. & Raycheva T.D. 2021.
Vascular flora of railway junctions in the Upper Tracian Lowland (Bulgaria).
Ecologia Balkanica 13(1): 45-53.

SCImago Journal & Country RankAbstract. Floristic studies have been carried out in the Upper Thracian Lowland in 14 railway stations: Dimitrovgrad, Knizhovnik, Malevo, Maslinovo, Most, Stara Zagora, Yabalkovo,
Uzundzhovo, Harmanli, Skobelevo, Karadzhalovo, Stalevo, Plovdiv and Haskovo during the
period 2017 to 2019. A total of 267 species, 174 genera and 53 families of higher vascular plants
were identified. Alien and invasive species make up for a relatively high percentage of 9.4% in the
railway flora. This indicates that the railway network plays an important role in the penetration
and further dispersal of alien species in Bulgarian. The long-distance spread of railway areas is
most common with passing trains and people moving. The largest number of alien species were
found at stations with more intensive movement of passengers and cargo, where maneuvers are
performed, stay of freight trains, such as Dimitrovgrad, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora. The alien
species found at several of the studied railway stations were: Convolvulus arvensis L., Erigeron
L., Fallopia convolvulus (L.) Á. Löve, Amaranthus hybridus L., Amorpha fruticosa L.
Individual plants of strongly invasive Ambrosia artemisifolia L. have been identified in the railway
station in the Haskovo City.

Key words: invasive alien species, railway flora, Tracian Lowland.

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