Stoyanov & Raycheva 2012 Molecular taxonomic analysis of Monotropa hypopitys and its relationship with Pyrolaceae

PDFStoyanov K., Raycheva Tz. & Denev I. 2012.
Molecular taxonomic analysis of Monotropa hypopitys and its relationship with Pyrolaceae
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 26(4): 3116-3122.
SCImago Journal & Country RankAbstract: The relations between Monotropa hypopitys and four members of Pyrolaceae collected in Bulgaria were investigated using five ISSR markers. The genetic differences given by each used primer were illustrated graphically. The selective ability of each primer was discussed according to the obtained results. The phylogenetic relationships were illustrated using a resulting dendrogram constructed with the data from all polymorphic variants. Monotropa was separated in a single clade only by one marker and displays highest genetic similarity with Orthilia secunda. Our results suggested that Monotropoideae may belong to Pyrolaceae, together with Pyroloideae. Both groups represent two mycoheterotropic lines dependent on the nutrition, which determines their distribution. Monotropа is the terminal result of the gradual passage from authotrophy to mycorrhizal parasitism. In spite of the fact that Monotropaceae is known as a paraphyletic family, it showed a close similarity to Orthilia. The data supported the presumption that Monotropa hypopitys has to be included in the boundaries of Pyrolaceae. The obtained results could serve as a starting point to reconsider the existing classification based on morphological observations.

The study was supported by the Scientific Research Center of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv (grant 02-10) and the National Science Fund of Bulgaria grants IFS –B-606, DТK 02/40 and BG051PO001-3.3.04/17, NATO grant CLG 983884
and eRA 117.

Scopus, Web of Science, Scopus, IF: 1.632.

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