Райчева & Стоянов 2013. Сравнително анатомично проучване на пет вида от род Asparagus в България

Райчева Цв. & Стоянов К. 2013.
Сравнително анатомично проучване на пет български вида от род Asparagus в България.
Екология и бъдеще – Научно списание за селскостопанска и горска наука, 12(2), 16-21.

Raycheva Ts. & Stoyanov K. 2013.
Comparative Anatomical Study of Five Species of Genus Asparagus in Bulgaria
Journal of Agricultural Science and Forest Science, 12(2), 16-21.

The current study represents investigation on morphological and anatomical characters of five native species of genus Asparagaceae – A. tenuifolius, A. acutifolius, A. maritimus, A. verticillatus and A. officinalis. Anatomical sections of phylloclades and stems of the taxa have been prepared to evaluate the importance of anatomical parameters as a tool for the taxonomy. Anatomical features of phylloclade are species-specific and can be effectively used in taxonomy of the members of family Asparagaceae. The number of palisade parenchyma cells and the number of vascular bundles are conservative and constant as indicators of species-level, and making them reliable and convenient for taxonomic purposes. The structure of the stems in the studied Bulgarian species corresponds to their ecological specialization, but missed histological, discrete quantitative and qualitative di_erences are therefore a low informative for taxonomy of the genus Asparagus. The evaluated anatomical characters are used to build a determination key.

Kew words: Asparagus, anatomy, phylloclade, stem, taxonomy value

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